CASE RESOLVED: 20 Months of Disconnection From IKEDC Supply Yet Receiving Outrageous Bills

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On the 26th of April 2019, I got a message from a lady that her electricity supply was disconnected by IKEDC in September 2017. Ikeja Electric continued sending estimated bills even after the disconnection.
So she said she saw other testimonials posted in the group, in her words “…as I am writing you now, we don’t have light since 6th September 2017 and Ikeja Electricity are still giving us bill making our bills to be more than N300,000 naira.
I really need your help on this issue because have already lose hope and wanted to go and pay some part before I read your case on the issue of Nepa wahala and am move to speak out to stop this nonsense fro Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company”.

I was happy that she decided to do something about it, we supported her through the process and the Ikeja Disco MD asked the technical team to investigate. It turned out that marketer was not reading the meter.
Ikeja Electric confirmed that her bill will be adjusted to reflect the consumption.
Long story short, she was reconnected after 20 months and she just contacted me this afternoon that she just received her new bill of 2500 Naira since the adjustment.
I am happy she followed through. You too can do something about poor service and your rip-off experience from service providers.

If you have questions or similar experience please email .                                            You can also post you questions as a comment.

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