Why we should do more than ranting on social media and demand better service delivery in Nigeria?

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Sometimes I struggle to tweet about some issues that affect everyday citizens especially when it comes to accessing #PublicService and how #serviceproviders often don’t commit to their service contract but it seems most Nigerians don’t even care or mind so we end up with poor #ServiceDelivery

Things degenerate further and we do nothing about it. From the Electricity #Discos who rip us off with estimated bills to Banks who debit our account with unscrupulous charges, Telecom companies who offer poor internet without compensation, and clear our call credit by imposing services we didn’t subscribe to.

Horrible and fraudulent airlines who cancel flights at will Yet refuse to refund customers until you go into a wide goose chase. You try to apply for a travel passport then you experience another layer of frustration with Nigeria immigration as they always claim to be out of booklets until you tip immigration staff and they produce a miracle passport same day. You try to be a law abiding Citizens and apply for a #DriversLicense #FRSC will also give you another dose of frustration with delays until you part away with extra cash for a license.

You subscribe to the National Health insurance Scheme to access healthcare then the HMOs will try their best to offer the worst service. Still, on Insurance, the Insurance companies also do what they can to avoid covering cost when required, you will be tossed about.

Applying for NAFDAC number for business owners can be stressful even though applying for company registration is becoming seamless.

It is a long list of badly run systems, service providers who have made bad customer service an organizational culture. Some of these service providers declare bountiful profit even when they don’t offer value commensurate to what they charge. Sadly, Nigerians often don’t ask questions or demand their right.

We have many regulators set up by law to regulate the activities of private service providers but most do nothing to protect citizens, some often cite poor funding as a reason why they fail in their responsibility.

Even when they issue circulars to regulate activities of service providers they don’t monitor and enforce compliance.

There is also poor information and guide on how citizens can access public services, what documents are required, how long it takes to process a request, who to report when things go wrong. Often most communication channels are unmanned, check the phone numbers on Government website most are switched or on unanswered, send an email and they hardly respond.

As for the private service providers they employ customer service staff who do not have answers to your quires, they are largely unhelpful.

In the coming days, I will share a series of tweets from Citizens Connect findings from our mystery shopping and Feedback from complaints we have received from Nigerians. It is a long walk, we should all demand better services and report bad service providers.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning”#AskQuestions- Albert Einstein                                                    Join us Follow @kxesca @Citizen_Connect #ServiceDeliveryNG #CitizensConnect #SERVICOM


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